Cassidy Cayman, Dragonblade Publishing
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 263

Book Two in the bestselling Knight Everlasting series - a curse stalks those who stumble upon it....Read for free in Kindle Unlimited!Sophie McCurdy is thrilled to help renovate the crumbling ruins of Grancourt Castle. Even more thrilled when she finds an ancient book that seems to have been written by the very girl who mysteriously died there the year before. It doesn’t seem possible.Neither does ending up in 1398. But Sophie is definitely there, in the past, in Grancourt Castle in all its original glory. She’s faced with breaking a curse that should have already been broken by Fay and Tristan. After all, their love is definitely real. However, the curse isn’t playing fair and it seems someone or something might be trying to get rid of her before she has a chance to find true love.Sir Leo Zane only wants to live a peaceful, quiet life after years of war. He doesn’t want to ...
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