Brandon Herrera
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 36

Feel that your life just isn’t good enough? Are you constantly failing and thinking you’ll never be successful? Want to do more with your life and achieve the success you desire?Do you wish that you could rewind, pause, or fast forward life? Do you want to be able to live the Good Life and achieve the things you want?Achieving The Good Life teaches the seven skills that makes the difference between achieving your goals and settling for mediocrity.You will discover the proven guidelines, frameworks, and principles to be happier, healthier, focus better, stop procrastination, and achieving your goals.What Will I Get from the Book?- Why you should have Desire - How to develop Faith- The power of Persistence- How to be happy with a Positive Attitude- Knowing your “Why”- How to properly set Goals and achieve them- And much more!Unlock the Good Life, achieve success ...
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