Piper Frost
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 290

So you love a good romance novel, right? We're assuming so, or you probably wouldn't be here right now. Ever read one you wanted to see end differently? Ever wish something else happened to your favorite characters? Here's a question...What if you decided their fate?In this one of a kind, Love is Love novel by Piper Frost, the ending is up to YOU!Fall in love the modern way.THIS is the romance novel, re-thought. ONE BOOK. FOUR CHARACTERS. --->THREE DIFFERENT ENDINGS. Does Kevin end up with Colt? Or will he be with Violet? And what’s that about Violet’s best friend Blair that’s so...alluring? The perfect mix of hot computer nerd, even hotter music producer, wild child, and the down to earth girl next door. This is your ‘choose your own ending’, adult style. Our characters will find their happily ever after, that’s a promise. It’s how they get there and who they end up with ...
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4.5 stars from 29 ratings
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