Rebecca Ethington
ASIN: B076V2W71P
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 202

Everything has changed. The rules are only faded lies and the new reality is a haunting unknown full of children who attack you and monsters that can stand in the light. The darkness was once a danger, but now it has turned into a safety net. A place to hide. A place where you can fade into shadows and hope that the tar don’t find you. Everything that Lex has been warned about seems to be unraveling around her, like a thread from a wheel and try as she might to control it, she is only caught in it’s web. As she stands in the shifting space of her new reality, she must chose: embrace it and become what the world has made her. Or fight it, and hopefully save everything she holds dear. Perhaps she can even find Cohen – if only she knew how close he was.
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