Violet Rae
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 93

Daryl Nothing prepared me for the sight of her in the flesh. She took my breath away from the moment I saw her and her natural beauty and warmth pulled me to her like a magnet. I keep telling myself that I have to remain professional, that she's off limits, but the truth is I need to be near her, even though I can never have her. I've got a job to do but it's hard to resist her emerald eyes, killer smile and delectable curves. I can't afford to be distracted, to lose focus, because if I do, it could put us both in grave danger. TrishI was attracted to him the second he walked through the door of the diner where I work. His tall, lean body and ice blue eyes have awakened desires I thought were long dead and I find myself fantasizing about what lies beneath his civilized veneer. His heated gaze promises all kinds of pleasure, making me ache in secret places, but nothing prepares me for ...
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