Meredith Medina
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 221

My name is Ophelia Turner, I’m what you might call a native New Yorker, but that’s because I’ve been here way longer than everyone else. I might look young, but as far as witches of my bloodline are concerned, I’ve got my entire lives ahead of me. Nine lifetimes to be exact. I’ve been on the run from witchfinders since I was nine years old, and I’ve adapted to the changing world and stayed hidden ever since. But after all this time, I’m starting to worry that my cover has been blown. My boyfriend is acting really weird, and I get the distinct feeling that I’m being hunted all over again. It doesn’t help that a rash of mysterious fires have been claiming the lives of other witches living in hiding, my new best friend has been dabbling in the dark arts, and there’s also a new brand of witchfinders called the Malleus lurking around the city, and they’re starting to ...
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