Brianna York
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 372

A Strong Novel With Captivating Characters - From Award-Winning Author Brianna YorkMatthew Hargreve, Duke Dunsenay lives a life of privilege and power. He is a peer of the realm with social standing, money and devilish good looks. What could the envy of fashionable London society be missing in his life? The answer to that question arrives in the form of a mysterious young lady who brings with her a dangerous family secret. Her beauty and intelligence fill in the empty places that the Duke had not even known were dwelling in his heart. Will the Duke be able to unravel the secrets of the mysterious young woman without becoming a casualty of her dark secrets?This is the first book in the Dunsaney Saga Series Purchase the Entire Series today! Book 1: Dunsaney's DesireBook 2: Rosalind Book 3: Gabrielle
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