Ryan Walraven
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 283

Nerdy, quiet, and unpopular, Anne Crossland's only friends are the characters in the books she reads. So when she wakes one morning to find that her hometown has been abandoned, she's exhilarated by her newfound freedom. Together with her neighbor's cat, she leaps onto the leaf-strewn streets in search of answers and adventure. But it's not long before Anne realizes that something has gone horribly wrong. Monsters, ghosts, and ravens haunt the alleys, and all of them seem bent on manipulating her toward some dark tower.With only a box of cereal to keep her going, Anne searches for a way to return her home to normal. Yet it may already be too late. Day by day, a ghost is warping the city to fit his own nightmarish visions. Will Anne become part of the ghost's plot or will she find a way to become the heroine her story needs?
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4 stars from 4 ratings
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