Jackie Keswick
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 146

A lonely detective. A frustrated pop star. Neither expected romance to be on the playlist.Lonely, frustrated and buried in work, Detective Inspector Josh Ingram never expected a new partner. Nor does he have any idea why he's forced on a stakeout with a pretty-boy pop idol. As they work together to stop an art thief from robbing an exclusive charity gala, Josh learns that opposites attract… and repel. Matisse Vervein never got comfortable with stardom. He hasn't even shown the world who he truly is by coming out of the closet. But when he's reluctantly thrown together with a prickly detective, Matisse finds himself dealing with his own prejudices and their simmering attraction. When the thief slips through the partners' hands, Josh and Matisse must take up the chase together. As their mutual resentment dials up, so does their passion. To catch the thief and have an honest chance at ...
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4.5 stars from 14 ratings
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