Maddie Rowden
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 522

Mr. Darcy is in need of a wife. Business keeps him in London, but Georgiana must go to Pemberley for the sake of her health. He cannot trust her care to the servants. He knows his duty - he must seek a wife.A ball at Almack’s is the place to seek a wife of good breeding and wealth. So Mr. Darcy must force himself to attend.Miss Elizabeth Bennet is pleasing to look at.Miss Elizabeth Bennet is lively, playful and intelligent.Miss Elizabeth Bennet is wearing exquisite, costly gowns.Miss Elizabeth Bennet has a voucher to Almack’s, so she must be from a highly suitable family.Mr. Darcy knows his position in life is such that no lady will refuse his offer of marriage, even when he makes it clear that the arrangement does not include affection.Nothing can possibly go wrong.Artifice and Attraction is a sweet and clean Regency Romance novel of over 89,000 words
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