Kristofer Nivens
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 148

The Berethavans are the most powerful royal family on the continent - and their dynasty has survived nearly thirteen centuries. High King Edrumir IV has ruthlessly established an era of prosperity and order, earning him the title King of Peace.But under the guidance of the family tutor, and in the protection of a champion martial artist from the hill country, young Aedhon Berethavan finds that his world is also full of mystery, tragedy, and peril.Questions haunt him - and no answers can be found. His brother the heir is always just short of pleasing their father, and Aedhon himself wishes only for quiet, untroubled days in the palace libraries. With the affairs of state and family, love and war, ever at their heels, the two brothers try to stick up for each other and their few friends, but what choice does even a prince have when his father is the revered - or notorious - King of ...
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