Sean Fletcher
Publisher: Epic Worlds Publishing
Pages: 304

Also be sure to check out my latest action-packed YA urban fantasy release, Mage's Apprentice!"WARNING: easy to read for a much longer time than you plan! The plot and characters are awesome." -littlekaylee ★★★★★A secret organization wants to help her. An ancient order wants her dead. And she doesn't even know what she is...Kaylee Richards just blasted her first date with lightning. She has no idea how, but when the creep pulls a sword on her, what’s a girl to do? Turns out Kaylee is a dragon-kin, a half dragon/half human with the rare power to summon storms. The problem? Her newly-discovered magic has attracted the wrong kind of attention: Slayers, a murderous ancient order dedicated to eradicating all dragon-kin. They’re planning something big. Something deadly. And they need Kaylee to do it.A fast-paced young adult urban fantasy with an awesome heroine, full of magic ...
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