April Fernsby
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 168

The yeti was a gentle creature with no enemies. Or so he thought. Justice witch, Cassia Winter, and her cat, Stanley meet the yeti shortly before he is murdered. The yeti, Leonard, was a quiet creature who lived a peaceful life. Cassia and Stanley are shocked to hear of his death and are determined to find the killer.The list of suspects begins to grow.Is the killer an amazon called Xodia? There’s a rumour that she’s killed before.Or does Leonard’s death have something to do with a family of vampire polar bears?Cassia and Stanley discover a surprising connection between Leonard and the human world. Cassia uses her magical abilities to delve deeper into the mystery.As the investigation concludes, dark forces come into play which results in the devastating death of a close friend.A riveting mystery with many twists and turns.
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5 stars from 42 ratings
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