Kristin Hunt
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 42

Early on in this unique book—part poetry collection, part life story—Kristin Hunt recounts a disturbing experience she had at a sleepover with her volleyball team. As the party got underway, her white classmates began using racial slurs and laughing. Hunt, one of the few black girls at the party, tried to explain what was so wrong with these words but quickly realized that her classmates didn’t care.Hunt, a natural poet and writer, instinctively knows the vital importance of words, and she carefully chooses precisely the right ones to describe her experiences with racism and sexism. Several of her poems, including “STOP,” show the frustration she feels with white society and its relationship with black artists.One section features odes to old boyfriends, balanced between thoughtful insights and hilarious lines. Other poems showcase the pains of growing up. Verses like “I Want” and “A ...
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