Graham Ison
ASIN: B0774KS5B3
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 181

As dawn breaks on the coast of Brittany, a retired colonel finds the body of an attractive young redhead washed up on the beach...In the search for her identification the French police pass her picture to the CID at Scotland Yard, and it is from there that an enquiry spirals into action. As the facts come in slowly but surely, Detective Chief Inspector Harry Tipper and his assistant, Charlie Markham, begin to form a picture of the dead woman and her life, and it's a very strange one at that; provoking sympathy on the one hand and revulsion on the other.When the occupation of the redhead comes to light, suddenly the case shifts to a more serious crime. As part of the enquiry, Markham spends considerable time bouncing between the people who once knew her. As the number of interviews grows, Markham finds himself getting more a more confused… leaving each interview with more questions ...
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