Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 294

When a world of magic is the only thing you know, what do you do when it’s gone?In the dark city of Draconia, ruled by powerful mages, the only thing that matters is magic, and Fran is on the search. She’s caught the attention of some unsavory types. It doesn’t help that she has the most powerful magical object in the kingdom in her possession; an object many men have died to hold: a dragon’s egg. Trapped down a dark alley, with the threat of death coming ever nearer, a crack forms in the wall allowing Fran a way of escape to a place she’d only heard tales of. But will it be one that she regrets? She’ll enter a whole new world, but the threat of Draconia and the mages isn’t far behind.They want what she has, and nothing will stop them – not even a non-magical place.
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