Marcia Turner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 308

A missing actress. A bored writer. A matter of life and death when their stories collide……Actress Wendy Knight thought her life was finally turning around. She had a key role on a popular soap opera and bought a beautiful cottage. But when her ex came back into the picture, he wanted to take all of that away from her and more…and then she disappeared. Scriptwriter Angie Bearing longs to write something deeper than daytime soaps. When the plot for a new thriller comes to her, she doesn't question it. At least until she discovers an uncanny resemblance between her story and the unsolved disappearance of an actress named Wendy. Angie begins to investigate. As she retraces Wendy's footsteps, she doesn't realise that someone is watching her. Someone who would do anything to keep the awful truth buried for good…Witness for Wendy is the captivating first book in the Bearing Witness ...
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