Rebecca Preston
ASIN: B0776B73NX
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 316

After Elizabeth overheard Mr. Darcy call her too plain, she dismissed him as being pompous and proud. But then at the Netherfield Ball, Mr. Bennet announced to everyone that Elizabeth was going to be arranged to marry Mr. Darcy. Even though this caught Elizabeth by surprise, she knows she has no choice and accepts this is her fate.As the days go by she gets more and more furious at her situation of marrying Mr. Darcy. But she will need to fall in love Mr. Darcy in order to live a happy life after marriage. Mr. Darcy will need to gain her trust and her love in order for them overcome any prejudices and misunderstandings with each other and live in harmony.Arranged To Darcy is a full-length clean and sweet romance novel that tells another Pride and Prejudice retelling between Darcy and Elizabeth.
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