Andrea A. Lawrence
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 548

Before leaving Hertfordshire after the Netherfield Ball, Darcy goes for a walk and catches Wickham who tries to seduce Elizabeth. As a result, he challenges him to a duel. While Mr. Darcy rescues Miss Bennet from ruination, he isn't aware that they are observed by the third party. Soon, the slander about Lizzy spreads through the Meryton. Due to saving her reputation, Darcy, who is already in love with Elizabeth, proposes a marriage and she accepts him due to duty. Shortly after the quick wedding, Elizabeth forms an attachment with her new husband who becomes a very dear to her. Unfortunately, the course of true love cannot proceed smoothly, for one is still a very proud and another very prejudice. And there is also the third person who has the interest to destroy their happiness forever…
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