Randell Mccreary
ASIN: B0777Z41HL
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 803

A First Time Gay Menage RomanceAiden Lawson: I just needed to get some money for school. I really ever expected anything else to come of the auction. I'll admit it was a desperate move, but it was one I would do again.Jacob Dorne: When Mason first brought the idea of the auction up to me, I didn’t know if it was going to help me find what I was really looking for. It's hard to find a deep connection when money is the motivator for those involved. Maybe that's why I agreed to the auction. It felt safe approaching love from a business standpoint.Mason Brandt: I've had my fair share of lovers and not all of them deserve the word love in that title. I just wanted truthfulness after a decade of pain and lies. I never thought that when I let Aiden into my bed that he would find a way into my heart. This is a ten thousand words novelette —perfect for an evening read. For a limited time ...
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