Dale Black
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 213

Visiting Heaven is a beautifully written and shocking account of life-after-death and a journey to Heaven. Dale Black’s best-selling story as the only survivor or a horrific airplane crash, takes you beyond the crash and the aftermath. Travel with Dale as he is escorted by two angelic beings on a breath-taking journey into Heaven's countryside and throughout the magnificent Celestial City. Discover surprising details about the Living Water, music, mansions, and how angels function. Learn details about the beautiful wall surrounding the city, the Book of Life, the Gates of Pearl and more. Savor his in-depth descriptions, which Bible experts agree are sound and rich with meaning. Readers enjoy the sensory feast in the detailed descriptions of Heaven’s community. You'll learn, more about the God Who loves you and the perfect life He's prepared for His children. Visiting Heaven ...
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