Ryan Becker
ASIN: B077C8TD16
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 162

What drives people to act in the most brutal ways? What could have caused a mother to eat her dead baby’s brain? What drove a seemingly normal teenager to kill a stranger and chew on their face?It is often difficult to comprehend what makes a person kill. But when they kill and then commit further acts of depravity on their victim it takes on a whole new meaning to wrongdoing.And in Volume 3 of the ‘must read’ True Crime series we examine murderers who have all displayed the same gut-churning wicked twist – each of them ate their victims.In Volume 3 we look at people such as;- The hitchhiking hippie who carried human finger bones to chew on- The New York teacher who killed a neighborhood boy and ate his body parts- The Kansas City youth became known as the Kansas City Vampire- The deeply troubled man who cooked and ate his girlfriend after she dropped him- The 450-pound cannibal ...
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