Thom Burgess
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 44

If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry - In the depths of the English countryside, businessman Simon, is eager to get home and celebrate his house warming with his fiance. Unfortunatelysomething else in the ancient woodland is hungry for Simon’s attention.From the writer of acclaimed supernatural horrors 'Malevolents - Click Click’ and ‘The Eyrie’comes a whole new haunting tale of terror.“Drawing on the traditional superstitions of Kent’s eerie Blue Bell Hill, Thom weaves an unnerving atmosphere.”Corin Hardy (Director of ‘The Hallow’ & ‘The Nun’)Reviews: ‘With Hallows Fell, Burgess has written a ghost story that draws a lot of inspiration from several classic folk stories, but also feels original and unique.’ Horror Geek Life‘with a stunning level of detail that you won’t find in many other black and white comics - definitely worth a ...
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