A. E. Wasp
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 334

Skater Boy is a story about falling in love with your best friend. It contains discussions about baby poop, day drinking, girls’ night out, and the purchase of a mini-van.When his most recent poor decision comes to a door-slamming end, former Olympic figure skater Alex Stanton is forced to move into the house of his best friend, Thunder starting goalie, Sergei Pergov. It's just temporary. Then Sergei kisses him and everything changes.Sergei doesn't care that Alex has no money, no career, no future. He makes more than enough for both of them. But Alex says he's done being a kept man. He'll find a way to make it on his own even if he has to move across the country to do it. But Sergei knows he needs Alex more than Alex needs him. Alex is the one who makes their house a home; his love makes them a family. How can Sergei make him see that there are thing more precious than money?
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5 stars from 93 ratings
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