Daniel Bjork
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 141

The decade long killing spree of evil Henry Chase is finally over, with the murderer dead and gone. It is time for local doctor and amateur detective Josiah Bartlett to finally enjoy his retirement. But all too soon strange things are happening once again in Concord, Massachusetts, when the bodies of two of Chase’s former victims are stolen from their graves, and in their place is left the skeleton of a stranger. Warnings begin in the town; skulls hanging from porches, shots fired and as the clues began to mount up, it seems to Josiah that maybe the impossible has happened. Could it be that Henry Chase is not dead? And not only wants revenge, but to take the life of all who wronged him, starting with the good doctor Josiah Bartlett.Deadly Return is the fifth novel in this crime mystery series which began with Deadly Crossroads, Deadly Rendezvous, Deadly Assumptions and most recently ...
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