Ralph Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 291

Using many records from the recently released 2017 JFK Assassination files, this investigation digs deeply into Nixon and Watergate and it’s related links that lead right back to the JFK Assassination. What the investigation discovers is Richard Nixon’s action in his role with Fidel Castro and Cuba as Vice President became directly linked to the JFK Assassination. After coming to power, Fidel Castro came to America to seek an alliance. It was Nixon as Vice President he had his meetings with. Nixon turned Castro out into the cold so he turned to the Soviet Union when he could have easily been turned into an American friend. It was Nixon who actually set in motion a secret team that was set up to assassinate Fidel Castro. It was Nixon who set up the original plans for an invasion of Cuba that became the Bay Of Pigs invasion during the JFK administration. This invasion ended up ...
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