Cally Finsbury
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 41

Never give upChildren's story to help to demonstrate the importance of determination and grit.What can you do to help your children become more successful?Read with your child and provide examples of characters who have a growth mindset and attitude that helps them to resolve difficult or challenging situations.Teach resilience, grit, determination, and strength of mind, resilience is being able to spring back after a setback and define one’s self as a person who doesn't give up.It is vital that your children know strategies to gain help and support and to feel like they will eventually succeed because of a growth mindset, effective coping skills and strong inner values. Empower your children and help them thrive and not feel prolonged anguish! What to say when your child is struggling. This simple story about a child who had a tough day and was feeling glum. An observation of a ...
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