Hourly History
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Discover the remarkable history of the Crusades...Free BONUS Inside!The Crusades are the prototype and epitome of the Holy War. The fight to take control of the city of Jerusalem, believed to be the most sacred Holy City to two distinct religions of Christianity and Islam, has lasted far longer than the two centuries of the Crusades and its reach has extended far further than Europe and the Middle East. Over the course of nine organized campaigns and many more unorganized ones, the Christian west militarized in the name of God to push back the threat of Islam advancing from the east. Understanding the Crusades is key in understanding the religious divides that still threaten the order of the world. Discover a plethora of topics such as Peace in War: A Background to the Crusades The First to the Eighth Crusade Establishing the Crusader States The Children’s Crusade and Crusading ...
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