M. Landers
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 346

An instant classic among fantasy fables, Pan & Puck deserves a place on your shelf alongside of The Hobbit, The Chronicles Of Narnia, and The Wind In The Willows. Follow along with the errant sisters Chevu and Nez as they explore the forgotten lands of the dryads and wood sprites. Hear what readers are saying!"I seriously wanted to skip work so I could keep reading. I stayed up till midnight reading.""Great book for adults and kids! Strong female characters going on an exciting adventure. If you’re a fan of Narnia or The Hobbit, you’ll enjoy this!"From the cover - "When sisters Chevu and Nez are given the chance to travel into unknown lands by Pan the wood sprite and Puck the hobgoblin, they jump at the opportunity. A short trip abroad in the mysterious, ancient forests to the north is just the sort of adventure they can’t pass up. But soon, their leisurely walking tour leads them ...
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