Alice B. Ryder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 187

ChloeI’ve been broken since I turned seventeen – the night a stranger stole my innocence. Seven years later, not much has changed. Being a carer gave me the peace I needed, but Sam Knight was the last thing I expected.He is damaged. Just like me. Sam suffered a life-changing injury serving in Iraq, leaving him stuck in a wheelchair most of the time. I can see how angry he is. With every attempt to break down his defences, he pushes me further away. If only he’d let me in so I can make his life just that little bit more bearable. Despite all this, I know I’m in danger of losing myself in those deep blue eyes of his.Is it possible for me to let go of the past and trust Sam, a man that has the potential to unravel me ... mind, body and soul?SamChloe Slater. What can I say? She drives me crazy. Her kindness is rubbing me up the wrong way, and she just will not let me wallow in my ...
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