Mia Clark
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 246

Art college final project? Sometimes you play it safe, sometimes you make an ex tape.CALEBScarlet's always been a red hot mystery to me. I've known her my entire life and she's definitely my best friend, but...I'm also in love with her? Yeah, it's complicated.Then she asks me to star in her final art project for college. I'm thinking an artsy black and white indie film, but she goes full steam ahead with what she likes to call her "ex tape."Look, there's two ways this can go: bad or catastrophic.Maybe that's what I need, though. To pretend date her and pretend break up with her so I can get everything out of my system and move on with my love life.Even if it's fake, if it's pretend, if it's temporary... at least then I'll know what it's like.Except what if I want more after?I need to remember this is just for her art project.SCARLETWhy doesn't Caleb have a girlfriend? I have no freaking ...
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