Tim Kizer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 298

They kidnapped her family. The ransom: 400 tons of gold.             On July 21, Jane Shepard's eight-year-old daughter and husband are abducted from her car while she's shopping at a grocery store. Days later, she's shocked to learn that according to state records, her family died in a motorcycle crash on July 17. The police believe that the kidnapping is just a figment of her imagination, but Jane knows it's not true and begs the detectives to keep the investigation open.          When she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case, Jane grows convinced that she's been framed by her family's kidnappers. As she searches for answers, she uncovers a conspiracy masterminded by a top U.S. government official hell-bent on breaking into the top 100 richest people in the world.        To save her family, Jane has to find a treasure worth billions of dollars buried ...
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