Diana Enright
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 218

What if Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters were prevented from meeting Bingley at the Meryton assembly?Mr. Bennet has been too ill to form an acquaintance with Mr. Bingley and his wife frets that none of their neighbours will introduce her girls to Netherfield's new occupant.The Meryton assembly is even worse than Mrs. Bennet expected. Not only does Jane fail to make Bingley’s acquaintance, another of her family members acts in such an appalling manner that Mr. Darcy is thoroughly scandalised. So scandalised that he cannot contain his scorn for the ill-bred strangers in the corner. And so Elizabeth Bennet comes to overhear comments that are utterly scathing of her family. Darcy may be tall, wealthy and handsome, but can he ever redeem himself in Miss Elizabeth’s eyes? Please note that parts of this book were contained in Captivating Mr. Darcy. It has been rewritten almost entirely ...
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