Rebecca Ethington
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 315

Amid what has become known as “The Invasion” the world is in disarray. War is everywhere, shrouded by the creatures that now swarm over the planet, killing people with a single bite.Which is why when a young man is found covered in blood outside the door to a Ukrainian hospital, he didn’t garner much attention.With no memory of who he is or whose blood is covering him, he is given the name of Jan Kowalski and locked away in the hospital waiting for safety, waiting for his identity to return. The more he waits, however, the more confusing he becomes. From the heart that beats inside his chest; the heart that is not his despite there being no evidence of surgery. From the way he doesn’t age, even though he slips in and out of coma's for more then ten years. From the broken fragments of memories that torment him, and the woman that haunts his dreams every night.To the man who ...
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