Terri Reid
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 368

Mandy, a novice nurse at Freeport hospital, took the elevator down to get supplies for her area. It only took a moment to go from four down to three. The elevator doors opened to a dimly lit floor. She walked out and glanced to her right. The empty nurses station was just down the hall before the double doors that she assumed led to the now empty rooms. There were a few boxes on the counter that surrounded the station, but other than those, the station was empty. She turned to the left and saw the closed door with the word “Supplies” stenciled on it. Hurrying over to the doors, she pulled out the key and inserted it into the lock. A light switch was conveniently located right inside the door and Mandy switched it on. Bright light flooded the interior of the supply room. Metal shelves lined up in narrow aisles throughout the room. She easily located the sheets and also found ...
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