Doris Rangel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

Can a shattered heart accept a miracle it doesn’t want?When British rock star Gideon Hunter rents the fishing cabin on a Texas coastal ranch, he is in the throes of deep personal grief and fleeing the paparazzi. Also on the property is Sabrina Morrison, a poet, trying to come to terms with her own insecurities. Over the course of a Texas spring these two become lovers.But Gideon knows he can’t hide forever, and Sabrina knows she must get on with the life she, too, left behind. From the outset they agree their affair is to be only temporary, with no promises for any kind of future. When the world eventually calls, and they go their separate ways. Time passes before fate takes a hand but when they meet again, they find the flame between them burning as bright as ever. But Sabrina’s life is far different now in a way Gideon is not sure he can accept. Given a second chance for a happy ...
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