Fiona Quinn
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 284

He’ll Risk It All To Keep Her SafeHoney Honig is good at his job, infiltrating the most dangerous places on Earth and pulling the hostages away from their kidnappers. When the bad guys slip through Honey’s fingers, he hunts a lead to Tanzania.Honey finds his way onto a safari with Dr. Meg Finley, and into her bed.For him, this isn’t just a passing romance, though. Meg sparks something deep and binding in Honey’s heart.Out in the bush, terrorists have plotted against them.Honey and Meg find themselves swept up in a deadly game of politics and international crime. From the inside, can Honey and Meg save themselves? The others? It's one thing to be part of a rescue team, it's a whole other deal, to be on the wrong side of the metal bars. Whatever else happens, Honey swears he’ll find a way to protect Meg, and get her home safe. Or he’ll die trying.From USA Today bestselling ...
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