Katie Wyatt
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Pages: 64

Available as part of a super value boxed set AMZN.COM/B07VB14KQK (copy and paste the link into your browser)Sarah Cook has been living a life of misery since she was five years old but nothing has been able to break her spirit. She just wants small things from her life, a house, a husband, and a little happiness so when her stepmother tries to take that hope of a better life away from her, she knows that she needs to do something for herself.John Miller is tired, lonely, and desperately needs a woman to balance his life out when he leaves his parent’s house. With no other option left, he places an advertisement in the newspaper and is surprised when a beautiful woman like Sarah comes to the West to be his bride but his problems don’t seem to end there as a murder, problems with his crew and business loom on the horizon.Will the Miller couple be able to change their circumstances and ...
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