dirty brandi
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Pages: 437

"uncensored version I’m Nina,"" she replied.""Hi Nina, what are you doing in this part of the world?""""I surf, that’s mostly what I want to do. The waves here are brilliant. They’re not so tall, but they’re clean and fine. What do you do?""""I’m just having a vacation."" I say wisely; ""I’m Ynez by the way.""""Hi, Ynez. You want to learn how to surf, yeah?""""Sure,"" I replied with a big smile.Limited time: this book also includes over ~10 hours of bonus stories for you to enjoy. **Warning: The content of this book is extremely explicit** Reader Advisory: This is a short story that you should be able to read in about an hour, if you make it. In total, you can expect about 11-12 hours of entertainment. **Warning: The content of this book is extremely explicit**"
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