Alison Golden, Grace Dagnall
ASIN: B0782R637L
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 728

★★★★★ “Solid proof that a book can rely on good storytelling and good writing without needing blood or sex.” Have you met Inspector David Graham?Graham is a Detective Inspector with London’s Metropolitan police force. He’s a career police officer, an educated, reserved, thoughtful, some might say, complex man.He has suffered tragedy in his life that serves to exaggerate his more introspective characteristics and, like many of us, has to look his demons in the eye from time to time and make tough choices.This box set contains the first four mysteries in this bestselling series:The Case of the Screaming Beauty: Detective Inspector Graham is still reeling from a tragedy of his own when he is called in to investigate a murder at the prestigious Lavender Bed and Breakfast. It has a rich, Tudor atmosphere, an enviously manicured lawn… And a deadly problem.The Case of the Hidden Flame: ...
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