Adrienne Barbeau
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 858

ADRIENNE BARBEAU’S L.A. TIMES BESTSELLING MEMOIR, There Are Worse Things I Could Do, is now available on Kindle in a box set with two thrillers from her witty, satirical fictional series about another “scream queen” – with a twist…After the success of her bestselling memoir, a rollicking romp through five decades of Broadway and Hollywood, Tony-nominated actress and iconic “scream queen” Adrienne Barbeau turned her skill as a sharp-eyed satirist to the absurdity of Hollywood, with its petty jealousies, vain ambitions, and over-the-top visuals.The delicious result of all these thrilling elements? The action-packed Vampyres of Hollywood series! Part comic mysteries, part police procedurals, a little bit supernatural, paranormal, and occult (with a dash of old-fashioned vampyre romance—and lots of action, suspense, and adventure), Love Bites and Make Me Dead are guaranteed ...
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