Ryan J. Mathias
ASIN: B0785J6Q59
Publisher: Mathias Method (MathiasMethod.com)
Pages: 34

The only Strength Guide you will ever need!It's time to take your strength to the next level!Included in this eBook: Step-by-Step Build Your Own Workout Guide Training Template Complete Example ProgramA true STRENGTH WARRIOR knows that strength is worth fighting for! Strength is the base of all other Training Goals. Without it, you will not get far. With it, you can build muscle, lose weight, improve athleticism, prevent injury, and live a healthier lifestyle. Strength can Change Your World! That is why the Mathias Method focuses on strength before anything else!We incorporate strength into all of our programs and make it the main piece of our training system. We encourage you to move towards your specific goals, but strength training must be a part of your program if you want to perform at a high level."This is the System that took my STRENGTH and ATHLETICISM to a whole new ...
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