Morris Fenris
Publisher: Changing Culture Publications
Pages: 200

There’s no place like home at Christmas.Jerricha Ballard has the voice of an angel and the ability to write songs that can melt the heart. She’s been the lead singer of pop/rock band Jericho for the past seven years, and she’s tired. Tired of the games. Tired of the parties. Tired of writing empty music.Logan James is a former football star who has always secretly admired Jerricha’s tremendous gift. But when he was in high school, he’d been bound by the best friend motto and not allowed to act on his feelings. Now, she’s back and this time, no restrictions are being placed on his heart.But Logan’s been hurt before and he doesn’t want a repeat performance. He takes things slowly, but then Jerricha needs him to come to her rescue and they spend more time together, he can’t stop thinking about what a future with her might be like.Jerricha is at a crossroad and needing to ...
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