Ken Fry
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 237

Struck by the sword of injustice, driven by love and loyalty… An unlikely heroine is born.From the bestselling author of The Lazarus Succession and The Patmos Enigma, The Chronicles of Aveline is an unforgettable historical thriller. A saga of love, history, adventure, and suspense.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ON TO THE STORY12th Century, EnglandIn the time of SaladinBefore The Third Crusade...It is the year 1181, and an ageing, battle worn, Sir Philip Fitzwilliam contemplates the changes the last Crusade inflicted on the landscape and on his estates.The weathered grey bricks of Froulingham Manor look down the valley, the nearby woods and a countryside decimated by holy wars, where once men dwelt, but never returned from the religioushatred and conflict the Holy Land inflicted upon them.Sir Phillip, concerned by rumours of ...
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