Jonathan B. Zeitlin
Publisher: Overkill Press
Pages: 407

Someone dumped a body in an open grave at the cemetery, and the undertaker isn't happy about it. But he isn't happy about the police trying to solve it, either. In fact, the undertaker tries to solve it himself. The undertaker’s name is Yvgeny, and Yvgeny is an unlikeable and morally ambiguous Sherlock Holmes aficionado who lives with his mother in a mortuary in middle-Georgia. He wears Victorian era dress and speaks with a Polish accent. Don’t let Yvgeny’s career choice scare you away from the story- while some of Yvgeny’s antics will make you cringe, there is nothing gory or violent. The story begins with Yvgeny preparing for a funeral. He gets annoyed when he discovers someone dumped a body into a grave he had dug for someone else.Always looking for a way to make an extra buck, he hauls the body back to his office to inspect. After filching a nice watch, he calls the police. ...
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