R. W. Patterson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 528

Light Over Dark Water, the fourth novel in the complete Heart and Soul supernatural romance series, continues where Dark Night of the Soul left off...Bound by a transcendental love, and an indomitable need to sever ties to a past mired in Lycan savagery, Elaine and Ian are faced with mounting obstacles and dire circumstances jeopardizing not only their lives, but their very souls.Ian--a rogue hybrid rescued from Armik--and now rabid...teeters on the brink of a living death...a result of a willing sacrifice to save Elaine from the clutches of her Lycan ancestors demanding her return to the lineage.Elaine--risking her life to bring Ian back into the land of the living--is forced to rely on her tenacity and fiery spirit when unforeseen decisions threaten everything...and everyone...she's fought to protect.Light Over Dark Water is an affirmation love endures. Light pierces darkness, and ...
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5 stars from 12 ratings
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