Paul Sanders
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 236

What do you do when you respectfully turn up for jury duty, and find that the voir dire you are asked to complete contains a question that rekindles memories of a past you would rather forget?On January 23, 2014, Paul Sanders found himself in just such a position. Reporting for jury duty in the trial of a murder, which could well have meant the death penalty for the defendant, he was confronted with a past he would rather have forgotten.A single question, placed in the midst of an extensive and intensely personal questionnaire, brought him back to a place he thought he had successfully concealed deep within his memories. In his latest book, Secret Life of a Juror: Voir Dire, Paul Sanders writes a memoir that is as hard hitting as any of his previous books, but which takes the reader on a journey of their own self-discovery.Through the anguish and chaos of an abusive childhood, in a time ...
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