Annie Boone
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 120

Eleanor Trimble is beat down. Life has taken several turns for the worse and she can't seem to get ahead. To make matters worse, she sees no way to make things better.Out of the blue, an invitation from her friend Susannah Jessup changes everything. She's got nothing to lose, so she heads out across the country to the mountains of Colorado and the sweet town of Pine Ridge. Eleanor has no idea that Susannah is hatching a plan to fix her up with her husband's single friend.Matthew Connor is handsome and successful. Certainly not the sort of man who would take a second look at an overweight widow woman. However, the only thing more appealing about Matt than his obvious good looks is his big heart.Has Eleanor finally met the man who will remain a constant positive force in her life or will she reject a chance at happiness?In this sweet story, the heart and determination of Susannah Jessup ...
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