Jeremy Kho
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 213

Are you wondering why you lack the initiative in affairs of finance?Are you willing to change your financial habits to get on the right financial track?Are you looking for strategies to improve your finances and ways to make more money?Are you ready to take control of your finances to become an invested millennial?Too often, we procrastinate about managing our money, doing taxes and payments. But the consequences of that can be dire – and this book will showed you and finding ways to beat procrastination. You most certainly wouldn’t find any sugar-coating of the problems caused by the lack of smart money management here – “Your Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial” is keeping it real. And not just about the matters of money, either.Whether you’re a millennial fresh out of school or a member of Generation X, chances are that you’ve probably had some ...
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