S Lawrence
ASIN: B078Q338WB
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 283

Emma Connolly is the type of best friend that will walk through HELL for you...Literally!She just wants to she her best friend get married in Scotland. Instead, she wakes up locked in a cell. Taken by an evil order, bent on stealing the power of the gods. It had been meant as a surprise so no one is looking for her. Now she finds herself thrown into a world of magic, myths, and ancient beings. Fighting for her freedom she meets two men who could change her life forever.Jason, a science project, created by Hades to search and destroy, he is a guardian of those cast aside. He loves Emma's best friend like a sister and vows to find Emma for her. Emma is the girl with a baeutiful voice, in it he hears things he's never dreamed of. He finds himself cursed by someone who hates him, someone he knew nothing about. Now he is locked within a beast. Thousands of years ago the Fates told ...
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